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Stretch film

Stretch films: Distributor of professional packaging films

Stretch films play an important role in many industries. They are used to secure raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, to complete orders on pallets and to secure various types of items during transport. Their advantages include: manufacturers, logistics service providers, transport and moving companies, as well as companies operating in the e-commerce industry.

As a distributor of packaging materials, we offer a wide selection of stretch films for various applications, including manual and machine packaging. Transparent foils are standard in our offer. Upon individual request, we can verify the availability of foil in selected colors. We purchase foils only from proven producers, which guarantees:

  • high product quality,
  • high repeatability of parameters,
  • continuity of supplies,
  • timely delivery.

Stretch foil distributor and supplier: Why is it worth trusting Larmont?

We have built our position as an industry leader in the supply of packaging materials based on a precisely selected assortment, short order fulfillment times, continuity of deliveries and attractive prices. Our experience is trusted by companies from all over the country, and since 2019, also by entrepreneurs from the European Union and Great Britain.

What distinguishes us is high business responsibility, which is expressed in:

  • quality of delivered products – we deliver exactly the products you ordered, we do not provide you with products with different or similar parameters,
  • timely deliveries – we make deliveries ourselves, which allows us to eliminate any delays caused by third parties,
  • smooth deliveries – we cooperate closely with stretch film producers and regularly replenish our stock levels.

Entrepreneurs interested in establishing cooperation in the supply of packaging materials are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our product range in detail and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. Larmont specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the most optimal type of foil for your needs.