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Packing tapes

The process of packing and securing finished products is inextricably linked with the production industry. However, manufacturing companies are not the only users of adhesive tapes. Self-adhesive packaging tapes are used wherever an item must be secured using packaging material that requires additional protection.

In practice, self-adhesive tapes meet the needs of, among others:

  • logistics service providers,
  • transport and courier companies,
  • post offices,
  • mail order companies,
  • moving companies.

Their advantages are used by assembly teams, individuals and DIY project enthusiasts. They are invaluable when securing seasonal items and preparing packages.

Self-adhesive packaging tapes in our offer

Self-adhesive packaging tapes play an important role in our assortment. We try to ensure that the tapes we offer best meet the diverse needs of many industries. That’s why we create an assortment that is highly diversified. Here you will find, among others:

  • transparent tapes of various widths,
  • paper tapes,
  • printed tapes,
  • tapes in machine and manual versions,
  • tapes with special features (LOW NOISE, HOT-MELT, SOLVENT).

We order tapes only from proven manufacturers, which translates into their high quality and functionality, as well as smooth deliveries. Constant deliveries from the same producers are also a guarantee of stability and high repeatability in terms of quality and performance parameters of the ordered products.

We encourage customers interested in choosing high-quality packaging tapes to familiarize themselves with our assortment and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. Extensive knowledge in the field of optimizing the selection of packaging materials allows Larmont specialists to accurately select products to meet the individual needs of each business. We fulfill orders for tapes and other packaging materials throughout the country, European Union countries and Great Britain.