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Solid cardboard angels

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Protecting the goods against damage during transport and storage requires the use of appropriate packaging materials and accessories. Solid cardboard angles are characterized by a hard structure, making them resistant to impacts, shocks and other mechanical damage. They effectively stabilize and secure goods stored on pallets. They can also be successfully used to strengthen the corners of cardboard packaging.

Cardboard angles are, on the one hand, extremely hard and resistant to damage, and on the other hand, very flexible. They can be freely cut and deformed as needed to ensure the best possible protection of the goods.

Solid cardboard corners: Check our offer

Solid cardboard angles occupy an important place in our assortment. This is one of the basic packaging products that is used in almost every industry – both where products are packed in cardboard boxes and where orders are completed using pallets.

Depending on your needs, we can offer cardboard angles:

  • even,
  • uneven,
  • bent,
  • cut,
  • with increased resistance to moisture,
  • with print.

We encourage all interested parties to read our offer in detail and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. We fulfill orders throughout Poland, European Union countries and Great Britain.