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Technical tapes

Process management in a company often requires the use of tapes with specific properties. Technical tapes are tools that can improve your work and help you deal with unexpected situations. Made of high-quality raw materials, they provide:

  • ease of application,
  • durability,
  • ability to work in a wide range of temperatures and difficult environmental conditions.

Technical tapes in Larmont’s offer

As a distributor of high-quality packaging materials, we also provide our customers with technical tapes. Our permanent assortment includes:

  • masking tapes,
  • repair tapes,
  • double-sided tapes.

The offered technical tapes are used in the processes of packaging and securing goods, as well as in a number of other activities unrelated to logistics processes. Masking tapes have been designed to protect surfaces from dirt while allowing you to paint straight lines and cuts on the processed element. They are characterized by the ease with which the tape can be removed from the surface. Repair tapes are perfect for quick repairs. They are easy to unwind from the roll, while ensuring a solid connection of the repaired elements. Double-sided tapes are used in many industrial applications as well as in households. They are very suitable for creating durable connections and where we want to connect elements invisibly.

We encourage customers interested in choosing high-quality technical tapes to review our product range in detail and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. We supply tapes in a wide range of sizes. We fulfill orders throughout the country, European Union countries and Great Britain.