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Paper tape

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  • Paper packaging tape with natural rubber-based adhesive (so-called solvent) is an ecological answer to popular tapes based on polypropylene foil. It is made of high-quality paper, resistant to longitudinal stretching,…

Growing ecological awareness means that paper tapes are becoming more and more important every year. For a wide range of entrepreneurs, it is a conscious choice aimed at limiting the negative impact of the production and sales process in the natural environment, for others, this choice is made by consumers who care about environmentally friendly choices.

Paper tapes offer surprising strength and bonding stability. They are perfect for cardboard and cardboard packaging, as well as materials made of waste paper. Their main advantage is the ability to recycle the packaging without having to tear off the tape.

Where do paper tapes work best?

Initially, paper tapes were used primarily by part of the luxury goods industry, which targeted its products at consumers looking for ECO products. Currently, an increasing number of organizations are benefiting from its advantages:

  • organic food producers,
  • handicraftsmen offering their products by mail order,
  • clothing brands,
  • manufacturers of children’s products – clothing, toys, accessories,
  • bookstores.

What are the characteristics of paper tapes?

Paper tapes are practically as good as transparent tapes. They are strong and durable, equipped with rubber glue, ensuring a permanent connection with the glued surface. Moreover, they are recyclable. We can also make a print on the paper tape, which will emphasize the elegant nature of the packaging and help build a recognizable brand image.

We encourage customers interested in choosing eco-friendly packaging tapes to review our range of paper tapes in detail. We supply paper tapes in various sizes, which translates into a wide range of potential applications. In this respect, we cooperate with customers from Poland, European Union countries and Great Britain. If you have any questions or doubts, we remain at your disposal. Larmont specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the tapes that will best meet your expectations.