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  • Packing tape with acrylic adhesive is an economical and reliable product that protects packages against opening. It provides long-lasting adhesion to most types of cardboard while being resistant to UV…

Acrylic tape is one of the basic tools wherever packing and securing goods is part of employees’ daily tasks. Strong and reliable acrylic packing tapes are perfect for various work environments. Their advantages are used by manufacturing companies, wholesalers, logistics service providers, transport companies and the e-commerce industry.

Mail order sales require careful securing of goods during transport. For this purpose, it is worth using packaging tapes, which guarantee effective protection of cartons and boxes against accidental opening. This is how acrylic tapes work.

Types of acrylic tapes

Acrylic tapes can come in the form of single- and double-sided tapes. Single-sided tapes are those that have an adhesive surface on only one side. Within this group, we can distinguish transparent and colored tapes, as well as tapes made of plastic and paper tapes.

Acrylic tapes work very well on smooth and even slippery surfaces, so they can be successfully used to glue elements made of foil. It is worth remembering that acrylic packing tapes are not intended for use in environments characterized by high air humidity.

Acrylic packing tapes

We are a well-known and respected supplier of packaging materials. We provide our clients with systems with proven durability and effectiveness, which results in:

  • high work efficiency,
  • effective protection of shipments,
  • versatile use in many industries.

We offer acrylic packing tapes in various sizes. Transparent packaging tapes without prints are an extremely universal product, thanks to which we can successfully protect the edges of packages, preventing them from opening, glue foils together, and protect packages made of refined materials against opening.

We encourage customers interested in choosing acrylic tapes to familiarize themselves with our assortment and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. Larmont specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the tape that will work best for a given application. We supply acrylic packaging tapes and other packaging materials to customers from all over Poland, European Union countries and Great Britain.