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Taśmy cichego odwijania

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The characteristic sound of tape unwinding from a roll can be irritating and tiring, which is why low noise unwinding packaging tape works best in large production halls. It is a high-performance product that allows quiet, almost silent operation, while ensuring quick and efficient unwinding and easy application.

The low noise tape can be used on various types of paper and cardboard packaging, including recycled packaging materials and plastic packaging. Importantly, the tape is a product intended for use in a wide range of temperatures, which ensures effective and safe packaging:

  • materials and packages stored in a cold and wet environment,
  • medium-heavy cardboard boxes,
  • goods packed in various packaging materials.

LOW NOISE silent packaging tape

Responding to the needs and expectations of large enterprises, as well as smaller organizations for which work comfort is important, we offer LOW NOISE silent packaging tapes. LOW NOISE tapes:

  • allow for quiet operation during application,
  • they are easy to use, so you can work with them quickly and efficiently,
  • they can be applied to various packaging materials,
  • suitable for applications in a wide temperature range,
  • are resistant to cold and moisture.

We encourage customers interested in choosing high-quality silent unwinding tapes to familiarize themselves with our assortment in detail. As a recognized distributor of packaging materials, we provide tapes of proven quality. In this respect, we cooperate with companies from all over Poland, European Union countries and Great Britain.