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Taśmy hot-melt

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  • Packing tape with synthetic rubber-based glue (so-called hot-melt) is a universal product that protects packaging against opening during transport or storage. Thanks to high-quality materials, it is able to cope…

Hot-Melt tape is an excellent work tool. It is characterized by extraordinary adhesion and durability. Rubber glue is reliable in all conditions, and one of its greatest advantages is high adhesion to all surfaces, including convex and uneven surfaces. Hot-Melt tape ensures quick and efficient unwinding, so it can be freely used at dispatchers.

Hot-Melt is a tape with a wide range of applications. Its advantages are used by wholesalers, warehouses, post offices and offices. The tape is resistant to stretching and tearing, resistant to weather conditions and moisture. It is impossible to remove it from the packaging material without leaving traces.

Hot-Melt adhesive tape in our offer

As a recognized distributor of packaging materials, we provide our customers with a wide selection of packaging tapes. Hot-Melt tapes are equipped with rubber glue, which allows us to create an extremely universal product that will stick to almost any surface:

  • cardboard,
  • plastic,
  • foil,
  • cardboard,
  • paper.

Due to its very aggressive, high adhesive strength, rubber glue is especially popular for working with problematic surfaces. The offered tapes allow you to secure the shipment in a specific way without the fear that it will be damaged without being noticed.

We encourage customers interested in choosing highly efficient and durable packaging tapes to familiarize themselves with our assortment in detail. We deliver tapes throughout the country, as well as in the European Union and Great Britain.