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Taśmy solvent

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In the era of e-commerce and the growing popularity of mail order shopping, packaging reliability is the key to customer satisfaction. To ensure solid and durable packaging of goods during delivery, it is worth using high-quality packaging materials. SOLVENT tape is a product with excellent adhesion and durability, which allows for effective protection of shipments regardless of the method of preparing them for transport. SOLVENT packaging tape works perfectly with cardboard and foil packaging.

What are the characteristics of SOLVENT tape?

SOLVENT packaging tape is characterized by:

  • very good resistance to high and low temperatures,
  • high resistance to moisture,
  • resistance to dust.

SOLVENT tapes are available in various sizes, which allows you to select a system adequate to the individual needs of each enterprise. SOLVENT packing tape is a basic tool wherever packing is an everyday activity. The offered tapes constitute an inseparable duo with flap boxes. Their advantages include:

  • warehouses,
  • wholesalers,
  • companies providing logistics services.

SOLVENT tapes are supplied in a transparent variant and in a wide range of sizes. Transparent tapes are a universal product that, after application, does not cover any important information on the packaging. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our assortment in detail and contact us. We fulfill orders for packaging materials for enterprises from all over the country, European Union countries and Great Britain.