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Solid cardboard corners 30-100mm

Solid cardboard corners 30-100mm

The most important features

  • Made of several layers of ecological kraft paper.
  • Exceptional stiffness and resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Increased resistance to deformation and moisture.

Main uses

  • Stacking goods on pallets.
  • Protection of goods against mechanical damage.


Cardboard corners are a product that protects cargo against damage during transport and storage. Thanks to the highest quality cardboard, they allow you to avoid dents caused by stretch foil, fastening tapes or impacts. In addition, they stabilize and stiffen the pallet unit, enabling safe and secure stacking and, consequently, full use of the space available on the pallet. Thanks to this, it is possible to eliminate losses and optimalise use of resources.

Corners made of solid cardboard are made of several layers of ecological kraft paper with increased resistance to deformation and moisture.

Additional information


Szerokość skrzydełek: 30 – 100mm
Grubość tektury: 2 – 10mm
Długość kątownika: do 6m
Kolor: brązowy, biały


Wing width :30 – 100mm
Cardboard thickness: 2 – 10mm
Length of the corner: Up tp 6m
Color: Brown, white