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Repair duct tape

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  • Duct tape, to najpopularniejszy i najbardziej uniwersalny rodzaj taśmy służącej do wykonywania różnego rodzaju napraw. Sprawdza się do tymczasowych łączeń, łatania dziur, izolacji przewodów, małych napraw hydraulicznych czy mechanicznych, zaklejania…

Errors can occur when least expected, often preventing us from completing a given process. In such a situation, it is worth having a good repair tape at hand, which will allow you to quickly repair the damaged element and complete the task.

Repair tapes are used in numerous external and internal applications. Individual products differ in terms of properties, in particular the range of operating temperatures and the ability to work in a humid environment. Therefore, when choosing a specific product, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding its use.

Repair tapes in our offer

Our permanent assortment includes a wide selection of repair tapes. Our repair tapes are universal solutions for various tasks and quick repairs. You can successfully use them in simple home repairs as well as professional MRO applications. What distinguishes them is:

  • easy application on a wide range of surfaces,
  • durability and resistance to mechanical factors,
  • ability to work in a wide range of operating temperatures,
  • easy unwinding of the tape from the roll.

Like other technical tapes, we offer repair tapes in various widths. This allows you to carry out a wide range of tasks – from minor repairs to more demanding projects. We deliver tapes and other packaging materials to customers throughout the country, and from 2019 also to customers from the European Union and Great Britain. We make deliveries using our own transport, which allows us to guarantee their timeliness and safety.