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Bubble wrap type B1, 60cm/100m

Bubble wrap type B1, 60cm/100m

The most important features

  • Perfect protection for delicate products at the best price.
  • Consistency and guarantee of ordered dimensions.
  • Possibility to adjust the width and length of the foil upon request.

Main uses

  • Protecting delicate products such as glass or ceramics against breakage during transport.
  • Protecting furniture, electronics and household appliances against scratches or dents.
  • Filling free space in collective packaging.


Bubble wrap is an indispensable product for anyone who values the protection of their product, at an affordable price. The soft air bubbles of bubble wrap effectively absorb all types of shocks and impacts, thus avoiding damage to products during transport. Moreover, it does not cause scratches and is fully recyclable in the plastic stream.

Apart from its undoubted protective values, it is also widely used as a filler for reusable cartons.

Additional information


Szerokość: 60cm
Długość: 100m
Gramatura: 35g/m2
Kolor: transparentny
Średnica pęcherza: 10mm


Width: 60cm
Length: 100m
Weight: 35g/m2
Color: Transparent
Bubble diameter: 10mm