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Cardboard dividers made of corrugated cardboard

Cardboard dividers made of corrugated cardboard

The most important features

  • Made of ecological corrugated cardboard with high resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Weight and side dimensions tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Composed of 3 layers of cardboard.

Main uses

  • Securing and separating goods on a pallet.
  • Stabilization of the pallet and the possibility of its full use.


Cardboard dividers are a product that, thanks to its durability combined with lightness, is able to perfectly secure individual layers of goods on the pallet, without adding unnecessary weight. It allows for safe and secure stacking of products without fear of damaging the lower layers and absorbing the forces acting on the goods during transport or storage. Moreover, thanks to dimensions tailored to the customer’s expectations, it ensures full use of the space offered by the pallet.

The grammage of the corrugated cardboard used in the production is selected for a specific application, enabling its repeated use and, ultimately, reducing costs.

Additional information


Wymiary: dopasowane do zamówienia
Gramatura: 280-400g/m2
Rodzaj fali: E, B
Ilość warstw: 3
Kolor: brązowy


Dimensions: Adapted to the order
Weight: 280-400g/m2
Type of wave: E, B
Number of layers: 3
Color: Brown