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Thermal labels 100×150

Thermal labels 100×150

The most important features

  • White ECO paper.
  • Does not require the use of tinting paper.
  • Fits most thermal printers, e.g.: Zebra, Sato, Datamax M, TSC, Citizen M, Bixolon and many others.

Main uses

  • Marking shipments by courier or logistics companies.
  • Marking batches of goods in the production hall, stores or offices.
  • Every-day marking of locker parcels and courier shipments.


Thermal labels are a reliable and easy way to quickly mark products or courier parcels. They consist of abrasion- and mechanical damage-resistant thermoactive paper, which turns black under the influence of high temperature, and synthetic rubber-based glue, which ensures long-lasting and reliable gluing to various types of materials. In addition, they are resistant to moisture and temperature, making them suitable for packaging even in difficult conditions.

Thermal labels are an integral part of a warehouse or production hall, where it is necessary to mark a given product economically and quickly,

Additional information


Wymiary: 100x150mm
Ilość etykiet na rolce: 500szt.
Kolor: biały
Rodzaj kleju: kauczuk syntetyczny
Średnica tulejki: 40mm


Dimensions: 100x150mm
Number of labels on a roll: 500 szt.
Color: White
Glue type: Synthetic rubber
Bushing diameter: 40mm