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Taśma spinające PET

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  • The extruded PET fastening tape is a technologically modern product with the strongest protective properties, while being safe and comfortable to use. Its elongation reduced to a minimum ensures safe…

PET strapping tapes are very durable and extremely stretchy, which makes them an excellent alternative to steel straps. One of the factors determining their great popularity are the specific properties of PET, thanks to which the tape better absorbs impacts and deflections of goods during transport and does not break.

PET tapes are characterized by:

  • very high resistance to tearing and mechanical damage,
  • adaptation to the shape of the load and changes in its dimensions after long storage time,
  • ease of use.

PET strapping tapes are an indispensable tool for many companies operating in the production and processing, as well as logistics and transport industries. Thanks to their use, companies reduce the costs of packaging shipments. PET strapping tapes are light, easy and safe to use. These systems successfully meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

PET strapping tapes in our offer

We offer PET strapping tapes in various widths and with different strengths, depending on the type of load to be secured. Thanks to the PET tape, the goods are transported safely, without the risk of damage or shifting on the pallet. The offered tapes are used for strapping heavy pallets, difficult shipments and undersized loads.

We encourage customers interested in PET tapes to review our product range in detail and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. Larmont specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose a strapping system that suits the needs of your business.