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PET strapping tape 12mm/0.6mm

PET strapping tape 12mm/0.6mm

The most important features

  • Low degree of elongation
  • High breaking strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistant to weather conditions (snow, rain or sun)
  • Very high resistance to chemicals
  • Ribbed surface

Main uses

  • Machine strapping of goods on a pallet
  • Manual strapping of products using hand welders or clips


The extruded PET fastening tape is a technologically modern product with the strongest protective properties, while being safe and comfortable to use. Its elongation reduced to a minimum ensures safe transport even over the longest distances.

The parameters of the PET tape, such as saber-shape and breaking strength, have been selected to enable its successful use on automatic machines, manual welders or with clips.

The plastic material from which the PET tape is made does not damage the surface of the protected product and does not pose a threat to the user, which makes it the best alternative to steel tape.

Additional information


Szerokość: 12mm
Grubość: 0,6mm
Długość: 2400m
Kolor: Zielony
Powierzchnia: Karbowana
Średnica tulejki: 406mm


Width: 12mm
Thickness: 0,6mm
Length: 2400m
Color: Green
Surface: Ribbed
Sleeve diameter: 406mm