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Masking tapes

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Self-adhesive masking tape is a tool used in many renovation works, car detailing and painting services. It is also useful at home and in the garden. Fans of DIY projects cannot imagine working without it. Why? Masking tapes are characterized by very good adhesion to the covered surfaces, while being very easy to dismantle. They do not leave any sticky marks and can be easily separated without the use of tools.

Painting tape is a product offered in various widths. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively cover smaller and larger surfaces, as well as create various types of patterns on the processed elements. Using paint tape, we can protect parts of the elements that we do not want to cover with paint, as well as make a simple and neat cut at the point where the colors join.

Self-adhesive masking tape: General product characteristics

Masking tapes are made of structured paper and covered with a rubber-based adhesive. This combination allows the tape to be applied to various surfaces without fear of leaving traces on them. The tape can be easily removed and the element being processed will not be damaged. Due to easy and clean disassembly, paint tapes can also be successfully used to protect objects during storage and transport. That’s why transport and moving companies take advantage of their advantages.

Painting tape available from Larmont

We offer our customers high-quality masking tapes with a wide range of applications. Our products are used in:

  • renovation and construction industry,
  • car detailing industry,
  • moving companies,
  • transport companies.

Wherever it is necessary to protect the surface against external factors in an effective and safe way for the element being processed. The offered tapes are available in various widths, which makes it easier to select them appropriately to the processes being handled.

We encourage customers interested in ordering painting tapes to review our product range in detail and contact us if they have any questions or concerns. Larmont specialists have extensive knowledge and experience that will certainly make it easier to choose the most optimal product. We fulfill orders throughout the country, as well as in the European Union and Great Britain.