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Packing tape with standard print

Packing tape with standard print

The most important features

  • Selection of the type of glue depending on individual needs.
  • Alternative graphics possible upon request.
  • Tear-resistant PP foil.

Main uses

  • For sealing light cardboards and boxes made of various types of cardboard.
  • For marking a pallet with goods


Tape with a warning print, for example “do not throw” or “careful – glass”, is an important element in securing goods that are particularly sensitive to damage during transport. When stuck on foil or packaging, it clearly indicates that the goods packed in it require special attention.

Thanks to the availability of various sizes and adhesives, we are able to offer an individual solution for each case.

Additional information


Szerokość: 48 – 50mm
Długość: 45 – 66m
Grubość: 40 – 50µm
Rodzaj kleju: Bio-solvent, hot-melt, solvent oraz akryl
Średnica tulejki: 76mm


Width: 48 – 50mm
Length: 45 – 66m
Thickness: 40 – 50µm
Type of glue: Bio-solvent, hot-melt, solvent and acryl
Sleeve diameter: 76mm