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  • Tape with a warning print, for example "do not throw" or "careful - glass", is an important element in securing goods that are particularly sensitive to damage during transport. When…

  • Printed packaging tape is a perfect combination of two elements important for the shipping process - security and identification. Various types of adhesives and substrates allow you to choose a…

The tape used when packing goods may have a marketing or informational function. It all depends on the print on it. Self-adhesive tapes with LOGO are an excellent way to build a recognizable brand image. Their advantages are mainly used by entrepreneurs offering their goods by mail order. Securing the packaging with packaging tape with the company’s print effectively protects the contents against damage, while increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Self-adhesive tapes printed next to the LOGO may also contain other information. Most often, this is the manufacturer’s data or information regarding the desired handling of the shipment. The print on the packaging tape may also be a message addressed to the recipient of the shipment, from whom we expect, among others: check the condition of the packaging before opening.

Printed packing tape: Take advantage of Larmont’s offer

As a brand specializing in providing high-quality packaging materials to customers, we offer a wide selection of printed packaging tapes. We can prepare self-adhesive tapes with prints according to an individual project, thus placing on the tape:

  • LOGO or LOGOTYPE of the company,
  • contact details,
  • information regarding the expected handling of the shipment,
  • information addressed to the recipient of the shipment.

The offered tapes meet all expectations in terms of efficiency, durability and ease of application. We deliver self-adhesive tapes with LOGO in various sizes, so you can use them when packing smaller and larger shipments.

Are you interested in printed packaging tape? Do you want to create a tape according to an individual project? We encourage you to read our offer in detail and contact us. Larmont specialists have extensive knowledge in the selection of packaging materials. With their help, you will choose self-adhesive tapes with prints with the best parameters.