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PP strapping tape 12mm/0.55mm

PP strapping tape 12mm/0.55mm

The most important features

  • The highest extensibility of all types of strapping tapes.
  • High breaking strength.
  • High resistance to deformation.
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Ribbed surface

Main uses

  • Manual fastening of products using wire, sheet metal or plastic clips.


Strapping tape made of extruded polypropylene (PP) is an extremely popular product used to secure loads on pallets, as well as individual high-weight packaging units. Its high resistance to breaking makes it a universal and economical product. It is made of flexible first-grade polypropylene, the edges of which have been rounded and smoothed to maximize comfort and safety at work. Moreover, its corrugated surface allows the use of any type of pins – wire, sheet metal or plastic.

The plastic material from which the PP tape is made does not damage the surface of the protected product and does not pose a danger to the user, which makes it an excellent alternative to steel tape.

Additional information


Szerokość: 12mm
Grubość: 0,55mm
Długość: 3000m
Kolor: biały
Powierzchnia: karbowana
Średnica tulejki: 200mm


Width: 12mm
Thickness: 0,55mm
Length: 3000m
Color: White
Surface: Ribbed