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Packing tape with the customer’s print

Packing tape with the customer’s print

The most important features

  • Selection of the type of glue depending on individual needs.
  • Two types of substrate – paper and BOPP.
  • Flexibility regarding tape width, thickness and length.
  • Print up to 4 colors.

Main uses

  • For sealing light cardboards and boxes made of various types of cardboard.
  • Taping pallets with goods.


Printed packaging tape is a perfect combination of two elements important for the shipping process – security and identification. Various types of adhesives and substrates allow you to choose a solution tailored to a given challenge. Moreover, its undoubted marketing advantages allow you to expand brand awareness, which is so important in our times.

Printing on packaging tape often turns out to be a cheaper solution than printing on cardboard, hence the use of this product may also reduce packaging costs.

Additional information


Szerokość: 25-150mm
Długość: 45-990m
Grubość: 40-50µm
Ilość kolorów: 4
Rodzaj kleju: bio-solvent, hot-melt, solvent oraz akryl
Nośnik kleju: BOPP, papier
Średnica tulejki: 76mm


Width: 25 – 150mm
Length: 45 – 990m
Thickness: 40 – 50µm
Number of colors: Up to 4 colors
Type of glue: Bio-solvent, hot-melt, solvent, acrylic
Adhesive carrier: BOPP, paper
Sleeve diameter: 76mm