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Painting tapes resistant to high temperatures, 25-48mm, white

Painting tapes resistant to high temperatures, 25-48mm, white

The most important features

  • Adhesive based on natural rubber.
  • Leaves no trace of glue, even one hour after application.
  • It does not unwind itself from the roll.
  • Resistant to high temperatures (up to 80°C).
  • Eco-friendly creped paper made entirely of cellulose fibers.
  • It is easy to tear off in your hands and you can write on it.
  • Flexible, easily adapts to irregular shapes.

Main uses

  • Masking the surface before painting.
  • Protection of heat treated elements.
  • Marking documents, shelves, building elements, etc.


Painting tape is a special type of masking tape, characterized by increased resistance to high temperatures. Thanks to a special adhesive mixture based on natural rubber, it is able to protect a given surface at temperatures of up to 80°C, while being resistant to many chemicals. Moreover, it is made of flexible creped paper, which easily adapts to irregular surfaces and can be easily modeled to protect round-shaped elements. These features make it an ideal product for most painting works, including those that require subsequent thermal treatment.

Additional information


Szerokość: 25mm, 48mm
Długość: 35-50m
Grubość: 120-145µm
Kolor: biały
Rodzaj kleju: kauczuk naturalny
Średnica tulejki: 76mm


Width: 25 – 48mm
Length: 35 – 50m
Thickness: 120 – 145µm
Color: White
Type of glue: Natural rubber
Sleeve diameter: 76mm