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Yellow painting tapes 19-48mm

Yellow painting tapes 19-48mm

The most important features

  • Adhesive based on synthetic rubber, solvent-free.
  • Leaves no trace of glue, even one hour after application.
  • It does not unwind itself from the roll.
  • Eco-friendly creped paper made entirely of cellulose fibers.
  • It is easy to tear off in your hands and you can write on it.
  • Flexible, easily adapts to irregular shapes.

Main uses

  • Masking the surface before painting.
  • Sticking protective foil to walls or wooden surfaces.
  • Marking documents, shelves, building elements, etc.


Yellow painter’s tape is the most popular and most universal type of masking tape – a product necessary during most renovation works. The creped paper from which it is made consists entirely of renewable sources, namely cellulose with a specific fiber length. Thanks to this, it allows the tape to easily adapt to irregular shapes, form bends, roundings or define perfectly straight lines. Its universality has also been achieved thanks to a special mixture of glue based on synthetic rubber, which can stick to most surfaces and leaves no trace of glue after peeling off.

Additional information


Szerokość: 19, 25, 38, 48mm
Długość: 25-50m
Grubość: 100-145µm
Kolor: żółty
Rodzaj kleju: kauczuk syntetyczny
Średnica tulejki: 76mm


Width: 19 – 48mm
Length: 25 – 50m
Thickness: 100 – 145µm
Color: Yellow
Type of glue: Synthetic rubber
Sleeve diameter: 76mm